This page is where I collect useful resources such as websites, books, and timeless videos. It will be continuously updated with more and more stuff.

Favourite Books

  • The Most Important Thing
  • Fooled by Randomness
  • 100-Baggers
  • The Dhandho Investor
  • One Up on Wall Street
  • Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits
  • There’s Always Something to Do
  • The Snowball
  • Tap Dancing to Work
  • The Tao of Charlie Munger

Other Reading

  • Berkshire letters to shareholder
  • Howard Marks memos
  • Nick Sleep’s Letters to Nomad Partnership investors


Aswath Damodaran

Warren Buffett

Charlie Munger

Focused Compounding

Mohnish Pabrai



List of podcasts I listen to or have listened to in the past


  • Swedish
  • International