All Writing (SOHU)

For this edition of ValueTeddy’s Write-ups, we are taking a look at an interesting Chinese company. First of all, I found this case purely thanks to @Olle89. Olle wrote about Sohu here in April 2021, a case I would have never came across were it not for him. I strongly suggest you read it, it’s in Swedish, but … Continue reading (SOHU)

SoftBank (9984, SFTBY)

For this edition of ValueTeddy’s Write-ups, we are taking a look at what is probably one of the more complicated business I have come across. It is SoftBank, which has become a tech giant under the visionary leadership of Masayoshi Son. SoftBank trades on the Tokyo stock exchange under ticker 9984, and there are ADRs … Continue reading SoftBank (9984, SFTBY)

Copart (CPRT)

For this edition of ValueTeddy’s Write-ups we are taking a look at Copart, as suggested to me by the highly inspiring Professor Kalkyl. Copart have had a massive run up the last few years, experiencing significant multiple expansion combined with high and steady growth in sales and earnings. The stock has appreciated from sub 20 USD … Continue reading Copart (CPRT)

Kollect on Demand (KOLL)

For this edition of ValueTeddys Snap Judgements we are taking a look at Kollect on Demand, a waste collection company active in the Irish and English market, listed on First North Sweden. This is a case that I have been made aware of by my favourite source of cases, Twitter, in this case @_RobinD. Kollect on … Continue reading Kollect on Demand (KOLL)

Facebook (FB)

For this weeks edition of ValueTeddys Snap Judgements we are taking a look at Facebook. The F in FAANMG (or whichever acronym you prefer), and the BY FAR absolute dominating player in social media, of all time. Facebook seems to be a consensus buy on FinTwit, and some really smart money managers (eg. Li Lu, … Continue reading Facebook (FB)

Nekkar (NKR)

For this weeks edition of ValueTeddy’s Snap judgement, I am not making a snap judgement, but instead writing up one of my portfolio holdings. It goes without saying that since I own the stock I am biased, and that you should always do your own research. This is not any recommendation, and it is not … Continue reading Nekkar (NKR)

Plejd (PLEJD)

For this weeks edition of ValueTeddys Snap Judgements we are taking a look at Plejd. A small but interesting business that has been massively popular on the Swedish part of my tweetmachine. I want to start by recommending that you read two pieces of analysis if you find this much shorter write-up interesting. 1. @Aktiehesten (June … Continue reading Plejd (PLEJD)

Naked Wines (WINE)

For this weeks edition of ValueTeddys Snap Judgements we are taking a look at Naked Wines. A seemingly interesting business, that has been popping up here and there in my Twitter feed. Naked Wines Naked Wines sell a very wide selection of wines online, and they offer membership for some premium services. Overall the wine … Continue reading Naked Wines (WINE)

Discovery (DISCA)

For this fourth edition of ValueTeddys Snap Judgements we are taking a look at Discovery, which has been suggested to me by a twitter follower. It is also a 5% position in Michael Burry’s portfolio according to Dataroma when I’m writing this. Discovery Ticker: DISCAMarket Cap: 20.4 b SUSDRevenue: 10.6 b USD Discovery is probably most known … Continue reading Discovery (DISCA)

GomSpace (GOMX)

It’s Easter and thus this third edition of ValueTeddys Snap Judgements is slightly delayed. I hope you have had a nice holiday, and that you find this letter interesting. GomSpace Ticker: GOMMarket cap: 911 m SEKRevenue: 194 m SEK I remember a few years ago where space and micro-satellites was the big thing on Swedish … Continue reading GomSpace (GOMX)

Dividends and Dividend Yield

In this post I am going to tackle dividends, and dividend yield. First I am going to focus on the capital allocation aspect of dividends, and then there will be a brief discussion about dividend yield. Paying high dividends means that the company uses a lot of the cash it generates to pay dividends to … Continue reading Dividends and Dividend Yield

Photocure (PHO), 11 Bit Studios (11B)

For the second edition of ValueTeddy’s Snap Judgements we have Norwegian pharma and Polish computer games. Photocure Ticker: PHOMarket cap: 3300 m NOKRevenue: 250 m NOK For Photocure we have continuously growing revenues, relatively constant losses, and steadily declining book value of equity per share. Since this is some sort of pharmaceutical company, I have … Continue reading Photocure (PHO), 11 Bit Studios (11B)

Looking for fat pitches

As I was Re-listening to the 1996 Berkshire Q&A, it struck me again how GOOD the idea to look for those fat pitches is. It resonates with the fact that an investor needs only a few great ideas to produce a great track record. There is no need to swing on everything, but instead look … Continue reading Looking for fat pitches

Short on shorting

Every now and then I see one or two questions regarding shorting stocks, and I thought I’d put down some of my thoughts. First of all, shorting can work for some, for short time periods, but when shorting you are inherently fighting an uphill battle for a few reasons. In order to fully understand these, … Continue reading Short on shorting

Analysis of Catella

Overview Catella is a relatively small corporate finance, real estate investment manager, and hedge/mutual fund manager focused on the Nordic market. This is an interesting case because Catella are currently winding down some of their businesses, namely Banking (wind down to be completed in Q1-2 2021) and Catella Fondförvaltning AB (CFF). This is why Catella … Continue reading Analysis of Catella

Kort Analys av INVISIO

Översikt Bolaget utvecklar och levererar specialiserad kommunikationsutrustning för militär personal. Kunder är till exempel militär, polis, brandkår, och säkerhetsbranschen. Börsvärde: 6.8 miljarder SEK Enterprise value: 6.9 miljarder SEK ROIC: 45% EV/EBIT: 45 Omsättningstillväxt 5-år CAGR: ~20% Företagsbeskrivning Enligt årsrapporten 2019 håller bolaget på med följande: “INVISIO develops and sells advanced communication systems with hearing protection … Continue reading Kort Analys av INVISIO

Global Momentum

Nyligen har jag börjat ett litet test för att komplettera min globala indexexponering. Inspirationen kom delvist från mitt egna intresse i kvantitativa strategier, och dels från FondSmurfen och Nicklas och Fabians superbra podd MarketMakers. Ni kan läsa mer på Börslabbet av Henning Hammar, länk här: Global Trendföljning. Tanken är väldigt simplifierat att man investerar i … Continue reading Global Momentum

Analys av NOTE

Översikt NOTE har nyligen släppt en riktigt fin rapport, så jag tänkte att det är dags att jag tar en djupare titt på bolaget. De har länge legat på min bevakningslista, eftersom de tickar de flesta av mina boxar, hög lönsamhet, ok marginaler, och bra tillväxt. Börsvärde: 1,9 mdr SEK EV/EBITDA: 10 Omsättningstillväxt snitt 5 … Continue reading Analys av NOTE

Veckans Screening 12/7-2020

Denna veckas screening återgår jag till att screena som vanligt, dock exkluderat de branscher jag inte är intresserad av. Lite intressant är dock hur många bolag som sållas bort i varje steg. Min screener på börsdata släpper igenom 334 olika bolag (ej justerat för eventuella dubbelnoteringar eller flera aktieslag). Sållar sedan bort bolag med alldeles … Continue reading Veckans Screening 12/7-2020

Veckans Screening, miljöbolag. 05/07-20

Såg denna fantastiska Kurzgesagt-video om miljöproblemet häromdagen, och det fick mig att fundera. Vi måste globalt ersätta fossil energi med förnybara källor. Såklart börjar jag titta på vilka bolag som är noterade, och vilka som är möjliga att investera i. Denna veckas screening tänkte jag fokusera på bolag inom Solenergi, vindkraft, bioenergi, och förnybar energi. … Continue reading Veckans Screening, miljöbolag. 05/07-20


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