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How to start investing?

This is quite a common question, especially after a long bull market, where everyone seems to make money in the markets. It is great that people realise that their money can work for them, be compounded, in order to generate a small fortune. However, since few professional money managers can outperform the market consistently over … Continue reading How to start investing?

Inwido (INWI)

For this edition I once again asked my followers on twitter to select one of three stocks, and Inwido was the winner. So here’s my write-up on Inwido, enjoy! Business Inwido is a Swedish company that offer windows, doors, and related products. They are active in most of Europe, but Scandinavia is the largest and … Continue reading Inwido (INWI)

Catella (CAT)

For this edition of ValueTeddy’s Writeups, I asked my twitter-followers to chose between Catella and North Media. Catella won by quite som margin, getting two thirds of the votes. I first wrote about Catella about two years ago, at a price per share of about 21 sek. Between that post and today I have sold … Continue reading Catella (CAT)

Embracer (EMBRAC) Update

I first wrote about Embracer in august of 2021. It was then one of my most popular write-ups, and one of the most in-depth write-ups I had ever done. Since the start of 2022 Embracer has declined by about 16%, but is the stock cheap now? Since my write-up of Embracer, a lot of things … Continue reading Embracer (EMBRAC) Update

Nekkar (NKR) Update

This is going to be the first update of a previously written up stock on ValueTeddy’s Writeups. Nekkar is a relatively long term holding of mine, and I wrote about it on 17.05.2021 at a price per share of 8.75 NOK, or a 950 m market cap. On the 17th of February 2022 Nekkar released their fourth … Continue reading Nekkar (NKR) Update

AQ Group (AQ)

In this edition of ValueTeddy’s Write-ups we are examining a Swedish industrial high-quality business, trading at single digit multiples. Business AQ Group is a Swedish manufacturing company that was founded in 1994 and listed on the Stockholm exchange 2001. Their business is divided into two segments: Systems, and Components. Systems include the business divisions Electric … Continue reading AQ Group (AQ)

Gravity (GRVY)

For this edition of ValueTeddy’s Write-Ups we are looking at a very cheap Korean game company called Gravity. Business Gravity is a Korean developer and publisher of online and mobile games. They were founded in 2000, and listed ADRs on NASDAQ in 2005. Gravity’s main IP is Ragnarok, which began with their first game: Ragnarok … Continue reading Gravity (GRVY)

Consensus Asset Management (CAM)

In this edition of ValueTeddy’s Writeups, we are taking a look at a Swedish asset management firm, and the home of “the best fund in the nordics 2020”, Namely Consensus Asset Management. Introduction Consensus Asset Management is a financial company based in Sweden, active in for example, wealth management, pension fund management, corporate finance, and … Continue reading Consensus Asset Management (CAM)


In this edition of ValueTeddy’s writeups, we are taking a look at Joann, the sewing, fabric, and crafts retailer. From a single store in Ohio founded in 1943, to the leading US fabric and craft retailer, JOANN operates approximately 850 stores in nearly every state. The company went public in march of 2021 at 12 … Continue reading JOANN (JOAN)

Thunderful (THUNDR)

For this edition of ValueTeddy’s Write-ups, we are are looking at a smaller Swedish game developer, publisher, and distributor named Thunderful. Thunderful was created in 2019 through the merger of Bergsala and Thunderful. The company went public in December of 2020 and had saw some volatility to say the least. The Business Thunderful splits their … Continue reading Thunderful (THUNDR)

Brødrene Hartmann (HART)

For this edition of ValueTeddy’s Write-ups, we are taking a look at the Danish packaging company Brødrene Hartmann. Brødrene Hartmann, headquartered in Denmark, is the world’s leading manufacturer of moulded-fibre egg packaging. They also manufacture fruit packaging, and they are also one of the world’s largest manufacturers of technology for the production of moulded-fibre packaging. … Continue reading Brødrene Hartmann (HART)

Embracer (EMBRAC)

For this edition of ValueTeddy’s Write-ups, we are taking a look at the very impressive workings of Lars Wingefors. It is of course Embracer, which in just a few years has acquired its way to a multi-billion SEK market cap. Since its IPO at 9 SEK in November of 2016, it has returned about 2400%, … Continue reading Embracer (EMBRAC)

Plus500 (PLUS)

For this edition of ValueTeddy’s Write-ups, we are taking a look at the Israeli-headquartered London-listed CFD-operator Plus500. I came across this stock as I was screening for somewhat cheap stock that still show growth and profitability. What is Plus500 Plus500 operates a platform for trading in CFDs on stocks, indices, forex, and cryptocurrencies. I think … Continue reading Plus500 (PLUS) (SOHU)

For this edition of ValueTeddy’s Write-ups, we are taking a look at an interesting Chinese company. First of all, I found this case purely thanks to @Olle89. Olle wrote about Sohu here in April 2021, a case I would have never came across were it not for him. I strongly suggest you read it, it’s in Swedish, but … Continue reading (SOHU)

SoftBank (9984, SFTBY)

For this edition of ValueTeddy’s Write-ups, we are taking a look at what is probably one of the more complicated business I have come across. It is SoftBank, which has become a tech giant under the visionary leadership of Masayoshi Son. SoftBank trades on the Tokyo stock exchange under ticker 9984, and there are ADRs … Continue reading SoftBank (9984, SFTBY)

Copart (CPRT)

For this edition of ValueTeddy’s Write-ups we are taking a look at Copart, as suggested to me by the highly inspiring Professor Kalkyl. Copart have had a massive run up the last few years, experiencing significant multiple expansion combined with high and steady growth in sales and earnings. The stock has appreciated from sub 20 USD … Continue reading Copart (CPRT)

Kollect on Demand (KOLL)

For this edition of ValueTeddys Snap Judgements we are taking a look at Kollect on Demand, a waste collection company active in the Irish and English market, listed on First North Sweden. This is a case that I have been made aware of by my favourite source of cases, Twitter, in this case @_RobinD. Kollect on … Continue reading Kollect on Demand (KOLL)

Facebook (FB)

For this weeks edition of ValueTeddys Snap Judgements we are taking a look at Facebook. The F in FAANMG (or whichever acronym you prefer), and the BY FAR absolute dominating player in social media, of all time. Facebook seems to be a consensus buy on FinTwit, and some really smart money managers (eg. Li Lu, … Continue reading Facebook (FB)

Nekkar (NKR)

For this weeks edition of ValueTeddy’s Snap judgement, I am not making a snap judgement, but instead writing up one of my portfolio holdings. It goes without saying that since I own the stock I am biased, and that you should always do your own research. This is not any recommendation, and it is not … Continue reading Nekkar (NKR)


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