Summer 2015: Two months work in Oslo

Me and my girlfriend decided to go on a small adventure this summer. So we thought going to Norway and work for the summer would be a nice change of environment. So we began by booking the flight, then found an apartment to  rent. 2 days before takeoff my girlfriend gets booked for an interview. It was the same day we landed, and she got the job straight away. The first thing that happens for me when we land, is that my cell happens to get some wi-fi and I get booked for an interview for the same workplace!

It was very, very, very boring work. But that was good. First it was decent, the work was boring but everything was still new. After about 2 weeks it got pretty boring. The good thing was that I could let my mind wander, think about what I want to do in life. And I was puzzled by some of the people who have been doing that same job for more that 5 years, don’t they want to go further in life?

Having that really boring job, motivated me to do stuff and I feel re-energized! And I came up with so many things I want to do!

This trip has been really great in terms of proving to ourselves that it is not that hard, to get your shit packed and just move! Even tough we are going back to continue our studies, it really opened up the world for me.

My personal goal with this trip was to change the environment so that I would get my motivation to study back. Because before we left, my motivation really plummeted which resulted in a failed course in statistics (doing the re-exam first thing when we return). We did very much research before leaving, so when we arrived we were kinda prepared.  I almost had a Norwegian bank account the first week, and because of my research I found the best alternative for me. (No fees, free money transfer cross-border, free visa-card)

On some sort of ending note here, this trip was very good. Oslo is a lovely city, and I feel that it was a great trip to prove to ourselves that its not that difficult to get of your ass and do something.

What I will take with me from this trip
1. Don’t be scared, it’s probably going to work out well
2. Research, the more you know in advance, the better. It helped us very much, but we could have done even more.

If you have an adveture you want to embark on, get to it. Don’t be so scared, what if this and what if that. Be a problem solver, and it will probably go great. The return on investment can be pretty huge. Especially if you leave with more money than you came with 😉

Great wealth is not just monetary.