Soccer Starting Lineup

What if my portfolio was a soccer team? What 11 players would there be on the field? I don’t know much about soccer, but this was really fun! If my portfolio was a soccer team, this is what it would look like!

Overall strategy
Defence is the best offence. In short, the strategy is double goalkeepers and solid defence, combined with a broad midfield and huge forwards. My team is so heavy that the whole stadium will be tilted!

H&M and Coca-Cola are my forwards, these are the ones putting out the aggression are on the front line. H&M is the low cost clothing giant hard to match, paired with the soft drink TITAN Coca-Cola. If I were a soccer player, I would NOT want to face H&M and Coca-Cola!

ICA J&J and P&G make up the midfield players in my soccer team. P&G are streamlining their brand portfolio, this should increase profitability. Defensive products on a broad market. Johnson & Johnson, a cornerstone in many portfolios make up the centre player. J&J is the spider in the web, they can help with the aggression as well as the defencive! ICA Gruppen in broadening their fields of action, leading in groceries, entering in banking and insurance as well as pharmacy stores. Defence in the grocery stores, offensive by increasing its field of view.

Munich Re, L E Lundbergsföretagen and 3M together with Unilever make up the defence line in my soccer team. Munich Re is the German well run reinsurance company, really smooth operations, world wide leader and a solid history. Like a brick wall as long as no major disaster happens in the world. Lundbergsföretagen is an investment company, a very good one at that. Diversified in super high quality companies, another brick wall. A brick wall that keeps growing. 3M delivers their products all over, to industries and consumers. Worldwide reach with a broad spectrum of products. Unilever has a broad portfolio of consumer products, distributed worldwide. Unilever is of good quality and consumer will keep consuming their products.

Castellum and Realty Income are my TWO goal keepers! Castellum is the Swedish version of Realty Income. Both are really solid and have great history. These two combined make up a solid concrete wall, with which I have blocked the goal. Good luck with scoring, Opposing Team!

Thanks to Västkustinvesteraren for the idea!

Thanks for reading, remember that these are only my personal opinions and ideas. Always do your own analysis!


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