My BEST savings tip

Happy Easter everybody!
I hope you have had a pleasant Easter, and I want to share my BEST tip for saving your hard earned cash! The best, top shelf, number one tip I have is so simple, you can save so much money by using it. You ready?

The advice I want to share is this:
If you feel a need or a want for something, write it down, along with one reason to why you want and/or need it, then put away the notebook or piece of paper, and wait two weeks. Then go back and take a look at what you wrote down, see if you still feel that want or need. Most of the time, you won’t. Also note that you managed two weeks without that thing, can you manage two more?

Image belongs to Sven Dännart

This has saved me so much money on what would otherwise have been a spontaneous purchase, because most of the times you realise that: I really didn’t need that thing anyway!

The waiting period can be adjusted to what you feel is right for you, and I understand that every purchase can’t be put off until later, and that’s okay. For example if you get a flat tire on your bike you don’t really want to wait two or so weeks until you buy a repair kit. But most of the things you feel that you desperately want or need is largely due to the work of clever ad-men and retailers, who know how to push the right buttons in your head to provoke an instant need and want for that particular product. This method eliminates the urge which the super-evil ad-men so skillfully provoke.

That’s all for this time, have a good one

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