Samuraimannens Börselva

Det är tydligen den tiden på året igen, Avanza frågar hur din #Börselva ser ut.
Jag är inte fotbollsintresserad, men jag är en aktienörd så det bara smäller om det! Därför har jag satt ihop Samuraimannens börselva!

Jämfört med förra börslaget är det lite aggresivare och mer sedvanligt (endast en målvakt)!

Börselva 2016.jpg Börselva 2016.jpg

Stabila och pålitliga Castellum står i mål. (Hade även kunnat vara Realty Income)

Lundbergs och ICA Gruppen, 3M och Johnson & Johnson, alla med breda bussinesses och god defensiv förmåga.

Defensivt och offensivt, Investor kan det mesta. Bra centerposition som både kan driva anfallet och hålla defensiven

Yttre mitt
Munich Re och Coca-cola, de kommer alltid finnas på kanterna, med på offensiv och defensiv. De är pålitliga och kompetenta!

Här kommer de förväntade målskyttarna, Tesla kör på i toppfart tillsammans med Paradox och HM!

Med det sagt, tack för att du läste, och hoppas DIN #Börselva går bra under EM!

Detta är bara mina personliga åsikter, se inget du läser här som råd utan gör din egen analys!

My BEST savings tip

Happy Easter everybody!
I hope you have had a pleasant Easter, and I want to share my BEST tip for saving your hard earned cash! The best, top shelf, number one tip I have is so simple, you can save so much money by using it. You ready?

The advice I want to share is this:
If you feel a need or a want for something, write it down, along with one reason to why you want and/or need it, then put away the notebook or piece of paper, and wait two weeks. Then go back and take a look at what you wrote down, see if you still feel that want or need. Most of the time, you won’t. Also note that you managed two weeks without that thing, can you manage two more?

Image belongs to Sven Dännart

This has saved me so much money on what would otherwise have been a spontaneous purchase, because most of the times you realise that: I really didn’t need that thing anyway!

The waiting period can be adjusted to what you feel is right for you, and I understand that every purchase can’t be put off until later, and that’s okay. For example if you get a flat tire on your bike you don’t really want to wait two or so weeks until you buy a repair kit. But most of the things you feel that you desperately want or need is largely due to the work of clever ad-men and retailers, who know how to push the right buttons in your head to provoke an instant need and want for that particular product. This method eliminates the urge which the super-evil ad-men so skillfully provoke.

That’s all for this time, have a good one

Soccer Starting Lineup

What if my portfolio was a soccer team? What 11 players would there be on the field? I don’t know much about soccer, but this was really fun! If my portfolio was a soccer team, this is what it would look like!

Overall strategy
Defence is the best offence. In short, the strategy is double goalkeepers and solid defence, combined with a broad midfield and huge forwards. My team is so heavy that the whole stadium will be tilted!

H&M and Coca-Cola are my forwards, these are the ones putting out the aggression are on the front line. H&M is the low cost clothing giant hard to match, paired with the soft drink TITAN Coca-Cola. If I were a soccer player, I would NOT want to face H&M and Coca-Cola!

ICA J&J and P&G make up the midfield players in my soccer team. P&G are streamlining their brand portfolio, this should increase profitability. Defensive products on a broad market. Johnson & Johnson, a cornerstone in many portfolios make up the centre player. J&J is the spider in the web, they can help with the aggression as well as the defencive! ICA Gruppen in broadening their fields of action, leading in groceries, entering in banking and insurance as well as pharmacy stores. Defence in the grocery stores, offensive by increasing its field of view.

Munich Re, L E Lundbergsföretagen and 3M together with Unilever make up the defence line in my soccer team. Munich Re is the German well run reinsurance company, really smooth operations, world wide leader and a solid history. Like a brick wall as long as no major disaster happens in the world. Lundbergsföretagen is an investment company, a very good one at that. Diversified in super high quality companies, another brick wall. A brick wall that keeps growing. 3M delivers their products all over, to industries and consumers. Worldwide reach with a broad spectrum of products. Unilever has a broad portfolio of consumer products, distributed worldwide. Unilever is of good quality and consumer will keep consuming their products.

Castellum and Realty Income are my TWO goal keepers! Castellum is the Swedish version of Realty Income. Both are really solid and have great history. These two combined make up a solid concrete wall, with which I have blocked the goal. Good luck with scoring, Opposing Team!

Thanks to Västkustinvesteraren for the idea!

Thanks for reading, remember that these are only my personal opinions and ideas. Always do your own analysis!


Elon Musk, One of My Role Models

Elon Musk

Elon Musk was born 1971 in South Africa, he now lives in the US and is known for PayPal, Tesla, SolarCity, SpaceX, Hyperloop and OpenAI.

Why is Elon Musk one of my role models?

Talk about making a difference! First he revolutionizes the way people could make payments over the internet via PayPal. He continues to pave the future of electric cars and solar power, at the same time as he is making the future of private space exploration!

Elon Musk makes me think: wow, if I could amount to a fraction of what he has, I would be so proud! He really shows that it is possible to make the world a better place for everybody, it just takes some really hard work!


It started with Zip2, a web software company he started with his brother Errol Musk, with his fathers money. This was 1995, four years later, 1999, Compaq buys the company for $307 Million! Elon gets 7% of that, $22 Million. At that time Elon was 28 years old.

He uses some of that money to found, an online financial services and e-mail payment company. merged with Confinity, which owned the payment service PayPal. The merged company was renamed to PayPal in 2001 and its main focus was the payment service PayPal. eBay acquired PayPal in August 2002 for $1.5 Billion in stock, Musk receives $165 Million of that!

Elon founded another company before the sale of PayPal, in June 2002, with the vision of a relatively inexpensive reusable rocket that would go into space multiple times. The company was named SpaceX.SpaceX have some major achievements under its belt, for example:

  • The first privately funded, liquid-fueled rocket (Falcon 1) to reach orbit (28 September 2008)
  • The first privately funded company to successfully launch (by Falcon 9) orbit and recover a spacecraft (Dragon) (9 December 2010)
  • The first private company to send a spacecraft (Dragon) to the International Space Station (25 May 2012)
  • The first private company to send a satellite into geosynchronous orbit (SES-8, 3 December 2013)

Elons long term vision with SpaceX is to enable human colonization on Mars! Talk about setting high goals!

Perhaps Elon Musk is most known for Tesla Motors, a company incorporated in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. Elon Musk led the first round of funding in 2004, in which he funds the majority of series A shares with US$7.5 Million. He also takes a position on the Board of Directors as Chairman, while overseeing the product design of the Tesla Roadster.

In 2008 Tesla had taken in four rounds of financing and Elon replaced the quite newly appointed CEO and President. Tesla also lays off about 10% of its workforce. Tesla needed a fifth financing round in December of 2008 to avoid bankruptcy. In June 2009 Tesla receives a US$465 Million loan from the US dep. of Energy as part of the Advanced Tech Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program. Tesla became the first car company to have fully repaid the loan in 2013.

In 2010 Tesla Motors launched its Initial Public Offering on NASDAQ (TSLA), becoming the first US car manufacturing company to go public after Ford had its IPO in 1956.As I’m writing this (18-12-2015) Tesla Motors is valued US$30.56 Billion, which can be compared to Ford $55 B, Volkswagen EUR 65 B and General Motors $55 B.

Teslas vision is to bring compelling mass market electric cars to the market as soon as possible!

If you liked this post about one of my role models Elon Musk, I recommend that you check our this documentary from Bloomberg on Elon Musk, its really interesting!

Elon Musk: How I became the real ‘Iron Man’ – Bloomberg Business

Thanks for reading, and thank you Elon Musk!-Samuraimannen

My Money / Cash Flow System

Check out my amazing Photoshop skills!

This is my cash-flow. The banks I use are Länsförsäkringar, Santander and Avanza and Nordnet. As you can see, money goes into Buffer 1 and it goes out from my debit card account. Money also comes into my Investments accounts, from the dividends I receive.

Now this whole scheme works like this, money comes in and I spend some. after the month, I transfer money so that buffer 1 is 10.000 SEK, all excess of that goes into buffer 2, until it is 50.000 SEK. All excess of that, goes into my investments!

At the end of each month, I move the money around to achieve the 10k and 50k buffers.

Even though I have only used this for one month I think this works great for me. Because I get motivated to not spend so much, the more I beat my budget, the more stocks I get to buy!

Do you have any kind of system for your money? What do you think of mine?

Happy savings!


Three Pillars of Life, managing risk in life

The Three Pillars is kind of a system to help with managing risk in life, the pillars are: Financial, Career and Family.

The idea is that if you have security on two pillars, you can have a higher lever of risk in one pillar.
For example: If you have strong finance and a supportive partner, You have security in the financial and family pillars. This allow you to take risk in your career, for example starting your own company or changing job.

If you for example have a job you like that gives you a good inflow of cash, and you have security in the family pillar, you can take more risk in the financial pillar, for example having a higher percentage of your capital invested in stocks.

Finally, if you have security in your career and financial pillars, you can take risk in you family pillar, for example this could be getting a child,or a pet.

I think it can be difficult to asses the security of your pillars sometimes, but the main thing is, don’t go without a job, and then take big financial risks. Or it might be a bad time to quit your job when your financials for some reasons is down the drain! And it might be a bad idea to get children when you don’t have a job, or if your can’t afford it.

I like thinking in terms of these three pillars when i think about where I am today, and how I can get to where I want.

Hope this is of some use to someone!


PS Thanks to Günther Mårder, credit for this idea to him!

Summer 2015: Two months work in Oslo

Me and my girlfriend decided to go on a small adventure this summer. So we thought going to Norway and work for the summer would be a nice change of environment. So we began by booking the flight, then found an apartment to  rent. 2 days before takeoff my girlfriend gets booked for an interview. It was the same day we landed, and she got the job straight away. The first thing that happens for me when we land, is that my cell happens to get some wi-fi and I get booked for an interview for the same workplace!

It was very, very, very boring work. But that was good. First it was decent, the work was boring but everything was still new. After about 2 weeks it got pretty boring. The good thing was that I could let my mind wander, think about what I want to do in life. And I was puzzled by some of the people who have been doing that same job for more that 5 years, don’t they want to go further in life?

Having that really boring job, motivated me to do stuff and I feel re-energized! And I came up with so many things I want to do!

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The future for my portfolio

As a first blog post I have decided to talk about where i want my portfolio to go and my investment strategy.
Currently I would say that my portfolio is kind of speculative, wich is not so good in the long run. Sure you can get lucky and strike gold (I recently sold Stockwik förvaltning at about 115% profit). Or you can some shiny dirt (My very first stock was Kinnevik, a stock I sold at roughly 20% loss).

I have decided to learn from my mistakes.

And I have decided to change the course of my portfolio.
Starting with my purchase of  ICA Gruppen yesterday for about 1/3 of the capital I have in the market. A turn towards high security, steady dividend paying companies. This is a turn i really like and a path i will keep going on. I plan to sell most of my speculative stocks which are about 2/3 of my portfolio and increase my holdings in ICA and similar stocks.

My plan is to get dividends each month of the year.

In the US its common for companies to pay dividends quarterly, Swedish companies usually pay dividends annually. My plan is to achieve a portfolio that pays dividends every month, dividends that allow me to buy stocks no matter the market. It would be nice to have a significant income from dividends.

Buy, Buy, Buy

I am going to reach this goal by finding quality stocks, with a history of paying and increasing their dividend payout. I am going to buy stocks regularly and long-term, in order to get a good average buying price and to ease out on the effects of market swings.

I hope you enjoyed my first post, there will be more to come!